The Pantiflex family process – What does loan application look like?

The Pantiflex family process – What does loan application look like?

Every day, we receive many queries about the process of applying for a loan or credit for the Pantiflex family. Therefore, we decided to describe the basic stages of the process along with the scope of activities that should be performed at each of them.


First, the application

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Each process begins with completing the application. At Pantiflex family we have created one application, which is a universal form that allows you to send an inquiry for an offer to any institution that is integrated with the Pantiflex family. Therefore, the customer does not have to fill out several forms – it is enough to provide the required data once. Our application has 5 stages. In the first, the customer provides basic identification data – name, surname, telephone number and e-mail address. And it agrees to marketing and customer verification, i.e. assessment of creditworthiness. After the first stage, the SMS data is confirmed. This means that the customer will receive a code on the phone and will be asked to rewrite the code to the window that appears. The second stage is data from your ID card. Pantiflex family gives the client real decisions, which is why institutions must be sure that the client is real. Hence the need to provide a PESEL number and ID number. Risk assessment takes place, among others based on information on the client’s income and expenses. Therefore, in the third and fourth stages, the client informs us about the form of employment and basic expenses. The fifth stage is supplementary data such as marital status or education.


What if I fill out the application?

What if I fill out the application?

After completing all the data and clicking ‘Send’, the information set will be forwarded to the institution and the Customer will be asked to click on the link in the email and set a password for the Pantiflex family profile. After completing this action and secure login, institutions will return information about the result of the assessment, which will appear on the main profile. In the background, however, the Customer’s data will be sent to the Agent nearest to his place of residence. The agent will also see the result of the assessment.

Receiving an offer on the Pantiflex family is very easy. Just complete one application. The system will send the data to the Institution and the Lending Institution will return the offer. All this takes several seconds.


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On a standard internet financing platform, at this stage, the customer would have to choose which offer to choose. But not with us. We assume that the customer should have a choice. If he wants to use the Agent’s care, he should be able to do so. The agent has knowledge and experience and runs a credit facility in the customer’s area. He will advise which offer is the best and choose the preferred form of completing the process. If the customer wants to meet with the agent, he will gladly meet this expectation. As a result, the customer will be sure of the right choice and a sense of security.


4 steps of the process

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The Pantiflex family process is really 4 simple steps. The client completes the application, receives the decision, talks with the Agent and determines the best choice, finalizes the process by signing the contract. These 4 steps combine the best of what’s on-line and what customers value off-line. We can complete the application and receive an offer at any time. We don’t have to waste time going to a broker and then waiting for decisions. But we do not remain alone with the choice of the best – an agent who has the knowledge, experience and runs the facility close to our place of residence helps us.