Baltic and Polish presidents express concern over “historical revisionism in Russia” / Article


We, the Presidents of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, express our concern about historical revisionism in Russia and in particular the possible closure of Memorial.

Memorial is one of the oldest independent organizations involved in the defense of human rights in Russia and in documenting Stalinist crimes throughout the former Soviet area. We greatly appreciate the dedication and determination of Memorial staff to commemorate the victims of Soviet crimes against the Polish, Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian nations, as well as against millions of Russians, Ukrainians and people of other nationalities. We are full of admiration for the work of Russian citizens who are ready to tell the whole truth about an embarrassing story and the human rights violations committed by totalitarian regimes. This work is an important contribution to European collective memory.

We, the Presidents of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, have agreed to strengthen cooperation in the fight against falsification of history, disinformation and historical revisionism. We will stand in solidarity to ensure the historical memory of the crimes committed by totalitarian regimes.

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