Cambridge announces new shade structure in Greene-Rose Heritage Park



The City of Cambridge has set up a temporary pavilion to provide shade and coolness to residents this summer in Greene-Rose Heritage Park.

The Shadow Pavilion is a project of the city’s new Public Space Lab, an initiative to cultivate inclusive and participatory public spaces through experimentation and community partnerships.

The whimsical shade lodge is constructed using inexpensive, recyclable UV treated plastic. It is translucent and provides shade while letting in ambient light. The structure is made up of three parts which serve to shape the roof, walls, individual seats and common benches. Each plastic sheet is used in its entirety; they are folded into shape, which helps prevent falls and waste. The pavilion is built in modules and can be reconfigured according to the specific needs of the park.

“The shadow pavilion is a step towards exploring strategies for social resilience. It’s a place to retreat from the rising heat and meet friends and neighbors, while also bringing a sense of joy to the neighborhood, â€said Iram Farooq, Deputy City Manager for Community Development.

The pavilion at Greene-Rose Heritage Park offers plenty of seating and an open shape that invites people to socialize, rest and enjoy this favorite neighborhood park. Piloting this shade pavilion provides additional shade in an active recreation area to reduce the impacts of extreme heat. The project is the result of community feedback on ways the city can increase shade in public spaces and recommendations from Resilient Cambridge – the recent climate change preparedness plan.

To learn more about this project or the City’s Public Space Lab, visit


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