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Times Observer file photo The Warren County Historical Society is launching a fundraiser for the Wilder Museum, an 80-year-old structure in need of major brick repair.

Preserving history takes up space.

And these spaces over time require preservation work on their own merit.

That’s the challenge the Warren County Historical Society faces as it launches a new campaign to preserve the brick exterior of the Wilder Museum in Irvine.

“Eighty years of inclement weather has taken its toll on the museum to the point that action must be taken to maintain the integrity of the building. Casey Ferry, the Company’s event coordinator, explained. “The necessary works include the restoration of the exterior bricks, such as the repointing of the individual sections and the reconstruction of the walls. “

The museum is located in what was the Irvine School from its construction in 1940 until its closure in 1981. The building was then an annex of the National Forge until 1990 with meeting space, a research laboratory and a fitness center.

The Wilder family founded the museum specifically exhibiting many defense weapons from the National Forge.

This museum was donated to the Historical Society in 1996 and has since been transformed to include and encompass all eras of the county’s history – agriculture, petroleum, lumber, railroads, rafting, military, Warren State Hospital, Kinzua Dam , Seneca Nation, Irvine- Newbold Estate, furniture manufacturing, antique toys, communications, Civilian Conservation Corps and more.

It is open Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. until October 16.

The BRICK fundraising campaign seeks to raise $ 50,000 to complete the work.

Donations can be made online at under the Wilder Museum of Warren County History tab or by check sent to the museum at PO Box 144, Irvine, Pa., 16329. Cash or a check can also be deposited at museum or at La Fourth Avenue de la Société.

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