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1952 -A 7.5 magnitude earthquake in Kern County devastated Tehachapi. The damage spread from San Diego to Las Vegas [story]

The Los Angeles County Public Health Department on Tuesday confirmed five new deaths and 1,821 new cases of COVID-19 across the county, for a total of 29,002 cases in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Tuesday's COVID-19 Summary: SCV exceeds 29,000. Nearly 2,000 new cases per day in LA County

The National Local Government Volunteer Program Association (NAVPLG) awarded the prestigious “Rising to Excellence Award” to the City of Santa Clarita Volunteer Engagement Program on June 23.

Nationally Recognized Santa Clarita Volunteer Engagement Program

The free vaccination clinic welcomed residents of the Santa Clarita Valley on Saturday to receive the first and second doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine at a business in Valencia.

Amazon, Carbon Health Partners With Varidales For Free Vaccination Clinic

Join the Canyon Theater Guild and enjoy the laughter and joy you really need in the hysterical comedy “Sweet Surrender”.

Canyon Theater Guild is back with

Upcoming midfielder Abbey Perige will help TMU Women’s Soccer maintain the style of ownership it wants on the pitch.

TMU adds Abby Perrigoue to Lady Mustangs midfielder

A Metrolink train collided with a vacant car parked on a railroad track in New Hall on Monday evening.

Metrolink train hits vacant car parked on New Hall track

The Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture announced $ 4,518,000 million in grants, including $ 57,600, to five arts organizations in the Santa Clarita Valley under the County of Los Angeles Organizational Grants program. THE.

LA County awards more than $ 56,000 to several SCV arts organizations

One of the things parents and adults share about the youth of this country today is their historical indifference to participating in the obligations of citizens during the electoral cycle. But one area where they don’t seem to run out of ideas is complaining about things and their condition.

Riel Oduwol, teenager from Santa Clarita, encourages citizen participation

2001- Then Congressman George Runner introduced legislation commemorating the historic Ridge Route. Created October 4. [story]

Ridge route

Governor Gavin Newsom and Supreme Probation Officer Dr Adolfo Gonzalez will hold this year’s annual probation week from July 18-24, 2021, a process of personal rehabilitation under supervision and care. Announced that it honors probation experts who argue.

July 18-24: Los Angeles County Probation Week Announcement

The Rancho Camros Museum will begin a new visitor experience, “Last Monuments Sunday”, at Rancho Camros National Historic Landmark on Sunday July 25.

July 25: The Rancho Camros Museum announces the launch of

Los Angeles County public health officials on Monday confirmed two new deaths and 1,233 new cases of COVID-19 across the county, resulting in a total of 28,956 cases in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Monday COVID-19 Summary: Hospitalization Rates Rise Due to Public Health Reports in LA County.  A total of 28,956 SCV

With the recent reopening of the 3N17 Forest Road, the Community Hiking Club is looking for volunteers to help restore the Dagger Flat Trail.

Community hiking club wants volunteers to restore Dagger Flat Trail

As announced by the City of Santa Clarita, the regular Planning Committee meetings scheduled for July 20 and August 3, 2021 have been canceled.

July 20, August 3: regular planning committee meeting canceled

The Santa Clarita City Film Bureau reports that he shot nine works in the Santa Clarita Valley during the week of Monday July 19 through Sunday July 25, 2021.

Shooting at SCV this week:

The William S. Hart Union High School District Council unanimously approved the appointment of four new principals.

Four new directors approved by Hart District Council

Republican Representative Mike Garcia announced this week that he will get $ 1 million from Canyons University and $ 610,000 from Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital to be included in the budget for work, health and wellness from 2022.

Garcia funds new facility at Henry Mayo COC Hospital

Members of the Santa Clarita City Council continued to discuss the future of the legislative elections in a special private meeting on Tuesday.

City remains undecided in regional elections

Santa Clarita City Council considered environmental, housing and justice issues when it took several state and federal legislative positions on Tuesday evening.

The city takes a stand on housing, the environment and the judicial bill

The American Job Center in California has partnered with ResourceMFG at 25128 Avenue Bits in Valencia to host a Forklift Operator Recruitment Event from 9:30 am to 11:30 am on Thursday, July 22.

July 22: American Job Center Hosts Forklift Driver Recruitment Event

1915- Ince, Griffith and Sennett are Triangle Film Corp. Based. Produces and distributes William S. Hart’s first films [story]

Triangular film

1928 -LA City makes upfront payment for death and disability claims caused by the St. Francis Dam disaster [report]


1834 -Mission Sinforosa, daughter of Narciso and Crisanta, born in San Fernando. Daejeon’s mother, Pill’s father. Considered the last speaker of the Tatabian language (died 1915) [record]


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Biosafety Technology Company R-Zero Acquires Leading Workplace Intelligence Platform CoWorkr | National company http://arbeiasociety.org.uk/biosafety-technology-company-r-zero-acquires-leading-workplace-intelligence-platform-coworkr-national-company/ http://arbeiasociety.org.uk/biosafety-technology-company-r-zero-acquires-leading-workplace-intelligence-platform-coworkr-national-company/#respond Tue, 20 Jul 2021 14:01:26 +0000 http://arbeiasociety.org.uk/biosafety-technology-company-r-zero-acquires-leading-workplace-intelligence-platform-coworkr-national-company/ SALT LAKE CITY – (BUSINESS WIRE) – July 20, 2021– R-Zero, the first biosafety technology company dedicated to creating safer and healthier indoor spaces, today announced its acquisition of CoWorkr, the leading real estate technology company offering sensors for the use of the Privacy-driven space for data-driven workplaces. After a $ 41.5 million increase from […]]]>


R-Zero, the first biosafety technology company dedicated to creating safer and healthier indoor spaces, today announced its acquisition of CoWorkr, the leading real estate technology company offering sensors for the use of the Privacy-driven space for data-driven workplaces. After a $ 41.5 million increase from Series B, R-Zero’s first acquisition accelerates time-to-market of an IoT sensor network that will provide critical real-time visibility and insight into data, enabling intelligent closed-loop automation of R-Zero’s disinfection ecosystem for businesses in all industries.

CoWorkr’s versatile, AI-driven sensor network delivers real-time occupancy streaming for meeting, conference, personal and collaboration spaces. State-of-the-art thermal sensing technology enables the business to prioritize privacy, while providing intelligent and granular analyzes of the workplace. Adding this layer of intelligence enables R-Zero’s biosafety platform to analyze the operation of an entire workplace, assess risks in real time, and then automatically disinfect. the spaces that need it – equipping organizations with a continuous and automated disinfection infrastructure, for the first time. With access to real-time information on the use of their space, businesses can make their health and safety operations more efficient and effective, reducing sick days and associated costs while improving productivity. overall.

“Creating and maintaining physical spaces that promote productivity and health is both the goal and the obligation of every organization. R-Zero’s acquisition of CoWorkr brings a layer of data and intelligence to our biosecurity platform that allows us to create smart, healthy buildings designed for the way people actually interact, ”said Grant Morgan, CEO and co-founder of R-Zero. “The use of space is an essential determinant of risk. CoWorkr’s robust IoT sensor network allows us to quantify health risks better than ever, by understanding where people are in a given space. By closing the loop between occupancy, risk and disinfection, businesses can measure and successfully manage indoor productivity and health with a level of sophistication and ease that has not existed until now. CoWorkr not only brings cutting edge technology and a cutting edge platform, but also a team of thought leaders with deep expertise in workplace intelligence and optimization.

The acquisition also comes at a critical time as businesses across the country begin to return to a permanently altered workplace. Employers must navigate unexplored hybrid work models while ensuring the security of a returning workforce that now has a keen awareness of the impact of indoor environments on their overall health. The combination of R-Zero and cutting-edge technologies from CoWorkr provides the information and tools necessary to enable businesses to make smarter decisions about how to adapt and manage their spaces in response to a post-work environment. constantly evolving pandemic. With comprehensive usage data of their buildings, employers and facility operators can better understand how the workplace is used and effectively adjust the risk profile of their spaces – prioritizing health and safety. occupant safety.

“We’ve spent years understanding the CRE landscape and we’ve learned how difficult it is for our customers to create healthier buildings,” says Elizabeth Redmond, CEO of CoWorkr. “Not only are the data resources siled, but the systems are obsolete and very rarely offer a post-build solution. The past year and a half has highlighted the practical shortcomings of the market and we are excited to incorporate CoWorkr’s existing user technology into R-Zero’s product roadmap. Together, we’ll build an unprecedented platform that efficiently manages air quality, space use, and helps people feel they can thrive at work again. Workplaces create community and culture, and we believe it is essential that companies can rebuild spaces to be healthier, safer and more vibrant.

In 2019 alone, lost productivity from disease cost U.S. businesses $ 575 billion. Of that amount, $ 151 billion came from employee sick leave. The past year has brought to light the direct impact of indoor environments on human health in general. The addition of CoWorkr’s IoT sensor network unlocks new commercial real estate capabilities for R-Zero’s biosecurity technology platform. This acquisition enables R-Zero to redefine the overall health of buildings, with biosecurity technology at the center – ultimately fueling a healthier, more productive workplace of the future. Going forward, organizations that successfully adjust and adapt their physical spaces to prioritize productivity and health, will gain a significant competitive advantage.

“CoWorkr’s sensor solution is not only strategic for R-Zero, but it is also central to our long-term vision,” said Morgan. “We will continue to invest heavily in the CoWorkr platform, because creating truly safer and healthier buildings requires this critical layer of intelligence.


About R-Zero

R-Zero is the first biosafety technology company dedicated to making the indoor spaces we share safer and clinically clean. Founded to help organizations protect the health of the people they serve, R-Zero is dedicated to developing the most effective and innovative disinfection technologies to reduce the spread of all infectious diseases. R-Zero’s first product, Arc [an IoT-enabled, whole-room UV disinfection device] currently enables a higher level of health safety for hundreds of thousands of people, in public and private sector organizations, without the use of chemicals. Today, R-Zero is the pioneer of the first continuous and automated disinfection ecosystem, enabling every organization to measure and manage indoor health with a level of sophistication and ease that has not existed until now. Powered by data science, built with hardware connected to AI, ML, and IoT, R-Zero’s intelligent biosecurity platform delivers better visibility, automation and risk reduction even smarter in indoor spaces where people spend their time. R-Zero is backed by leading venture capital firms, DBL Partners, World Innovation Lab, SOSV / HAX, as well as thought leaders from the healthcare, hospitality, sports, commercial real estate, impact and others. For more information, visit www.rzero.com.

About CoWorkr

CoWorkr is a leading workplace technology company that provides a real-time anonymous platform to measure how employees use spaces. Their easy-to-deploy infrared and battery-powered sensors collect data without compromising worker privacy. Workplace usage data is used to help organizations move from assigned work arrangements to more modern agile or hybrid work models. This real-time usage data is leveraged for workplace experience applications, while historical data is used by the real estate team for planning and future transitions. CoWorkr has disseminated over 8 million days of data for its clients and has helped large Fortune 500 companies save millions of dollars in annual commercial real estate costs by identifying vacancies in underperforming spaces. Stakeholders of workplace occupancy data include corporate real estate, employee experience teams, and are rapidly becoming a value add-on to facilities and janitorial services. CoWorkr was founded by Elizabeth Redmond and Keenan May. For more information, visit http://www.coworkr.co.

See the source version on businesswire.com: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/202107220005544/en/

CONTACT: Media contact:

Alyssa Harker / R-Zero






Copyright Business Wire 2021.

PUB: 07/20/2021 10 a.m. / DISC: 07/20/2021 10:01 a.m.


Copyright Business Wire 2021.

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UT has hired a consultant for up to $ 1.1 million to renovate the damaged image of the song “Eyes of Texas” http://arbeiasociety.org.uk/ut-has-hired-a-consultant-for-up-to-1-1-million-to-renovate-the-damaged-image-of-the-song-eyes-of-texas/ http://arbeiasociety.org.uk/ut-has-hired-a-consultant-for-up-to-1-1-million-to-renovate-the-damaged-image-of-the-song-eyes-of-texas/#respond Mon, 19 Jul 2021 22:45:00 +0000 http://arbeiasociety.org.uk/ut-has-hired-a-consultant-for-up-to-1-1-million-to-renovate-the-damaged-image-of-the-song-eyes-of-texas/ The consultant, Brad Deutser, is listed as chairman of the committee responsible for chronicling the full story of “The Eyes”. (The Texas Tribune) As outrage swirled among students at the University of Texas at Austin last fall over the school’s alma mater, “The Eyes of Texas,” and its early association with performances by minstrels on […]]]>

The consultant, Brad Deutser, is listed as chairman of the committee responsible for chronicling the full story of “The Eyes”.

(The Texas Tribune) As outrage swirled among students at the University of Texas at Austin last fall over the school’s alma mater, “The Eyes of Texas,” and its early association with performances by minstrels on campus, President Jay Hartzell made a classic decision in higher education: he organized a committee.

This, he said, would include 24 Longhorn athletes, historians, faculty and students who would investigate and “chronicle the full story of ‘The Eyes” and recommend ways to openly recognize, share and learn. “.

But by the time the band released their final report in March, a new name has quietly been added to its ranks: Brad Deutser, a Houston consultant who helps organizations in everything from corporate culture to crisis communication and branding.

In fact, UT-Austin had hired Deutser and his company for two contracts worth up to $ 1.1 million to revamp the image of the alma mater, as well as larger organizational projects including a new communications and engagement strategy for the university, and defining “what it means to be a Longhorn,” according to copies of contracts obtained by The Texas Tribune through an open case request.

Ultimately, the committee’s report concluded that the intent of the song was “not overtly racist” and could not find any primary documents linking the phrase to Confederate General Robert E. Lee, such as some members of the school community had previously said.

Deutser’s involvement in the work of the group was so important that he was named chairman of the committee in his final report.

“Brad Deutser has tirelessly supported our work by interviewing hundreds of members of the Longhorn Nation, participating in our committee work and orchestrating many committee products such as videos – a truly dedicated Longhorn,” Professor wrote. and UT-Austin co-committee. -President Richard Reddick in a letter accompanying the report.

Hartzell commissioned the Eyes of Texas committee to research and document the song’s history last November after a group of college students and student-athletes asked the school to stop singing it at the following the death of George Floyd at the hands of the police. Students raised issues with the song’s origins, including the fact that it premiered on a campus minstrel show where the students were likely wearing blackface.

According to the contract, Deutser was also to “align the findings of the Eyes of Texas history committee with cultural imperatives” and “leverage the results to develop the desired culture and necessary understanding.” It was also required to develop a communications strategy for the report.

Deutser, who is white, has also been tasked with managing several diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, including “developing the plan to create a more welcoming campus and community.” One particular task is to engage with education officials in Texas to “understand the perspectives of black high school students”.

While Reddick praised Deutser’s work with the Eyes of Texas committee, several student leaders who met with Deutser and other university administrators throughout the spring semester said they had different take-away points from the meetings they attended. they attended.

Some students called the meetings held after the university’s report was released as “conferences” where they felt that Deutser was trying to convince them of the school’s stance on the song, rather than fostering real dialogue or speaking out. respond to student concerns. Other students said they were confused by his presence and felt he did not take their opinions seriously.

“It was kind of like he was really trying to convince us of what they were thinking, in terms of ‘this is what the song means’,” said Brianna McBride, a young graduate who ran The Black President’s Leadership Council at UT-Austin. .

Alcess Nonot, another recent UT graduate and former chair of the UT University Council Senate, said she also attended virtual meetings with Deutser following the release of the Eyes of Texas report. She said hearing what the contract now included raises questions for her about the intent of those meetings.

“Looks like her job was to make sure everyone was happy and the arguments ended,” she said. “If the goal was to bring the students together, I don’t really know if that is what happened after the report was released.

Hartzell said the song will stay last July – months before the committee’s report was released – while announcing a variety of diversity initiatives and changes to help make campus a more welcoming place. The committee, he said, would allow the university to “own, recognize and fully teach its school song.” The report ultimately confirmed that the song made its debut at a minstrel show, but could not find any evidence directly linking the song to Confederate Army General Robert E. Lee, as previously had. claimed opponents of the song.

“These historical facts add complexity and richness to the story of a song that debuted in a racist setting, extremely common at the time, but, as the preponderance of research has shown, no ‘had no racist intent,’ the report said in its summary. “The Eyes of Texas” should not only unite us, but hold us all accountable for the core values ​​of our institution. “

Nonot said many students questioned the findings of the committee report after another UT-Austin professor Alberto Martinez released a second report providing additional information and analysis on the song not included in the university report. Martinez says his research shows the phrase “Eyes of Texas” was inspired by a story former UT-Austin president William Prather read about General Lee, and was written specifically for a show. minstrels.

The Black President’s Leadership Council, a group of leaders of black student groups on campus, also criticized these meetings with the university administration after Martinez’s report raised questions about the completeness of the information in the report. from UT-Austin.

“On the day the initial report was released, meeting hours were called at the last minute to discuss its findings,” the board wrote in a March 31 letter to Hartzell and the board. “Since these discoveries are incomplete, we spent those hours on gas, our intelligence was not respected and our time was wasted.”

In May, the Senate of Colleges Councils wrote a letter to Hartzell and other college leaders calling on the university to abolish songwriting from all college events, citing this report as evidence.

“There is no doubt that ‘The Eyes of Texas’ not only has an explicitly racist past, but detrimental effects in the present,” the letter read. “No student should feel unwelcome at UT, but ‘The Eyes of Texas’ keeps many black students from feeling valued, respected, or heard.”

UT-Austin has publicly maintained its own report, “understanding that others would examine their work and come to their own conclusions, which is the nature of scholarship,” according to a statement by spokesperson JB Bird. Still, Deutser has been more critical of Martinez’s report in at least one meeting with students, according to an audio recording obtained by the Tribune between Deutser and UT-Austin student tour guides this spring.

Deutser had met with the guides in April before they went on strike over a dispute over whether to remove a plaque with the words of Eyes of Texas from the college visitor center. At that meeting, Deutser called Martinez’s report “more of an opinion piece.”

“They did not have access to the documents, they chose to ignore certain documents. Some information overlaps exactly. But unfortunately, the facts do not support the story. He’s a disgruntled employee suing the university, ”Deutser told the students. “It gets complicated because, what do the media want? They want to stir up controversy.

Martinez filed a lawsuit against UT-Austin and its former department head in 2020 accusing the school of discrimination and retaliation after he released a report detailing wage inequalities for Hispanic professors.

Martinez denied to the Tribune that his research on the song was related to his grievance against UT-Austin.

According to the contracts, Deutser was helping the university from August to the end of 2020 with a maximum total compensation of $ 150,000. UT-Austin officials then signed an additional contract with Deutser Company in December to last through 2021 with a maximum payout of $ 900,000 including service charges and travel costs.

The university has paid Deutser’s company at least $ 400,000 so far, according to monthly invoices filed by its company and provided through an open case request.

Deutser and UT-Austin did not respond to multiple interview requests about contract deliverables or how Deutser became a member of the volunteer committee.

Beyond his work with the Eyes of Texas committee, Deutser was also to work on something called the “Longhorn Way,” which would define what it means to be a Longhorn, and develop a book and tools that will be incorporated into new hires. and student orientations.

While the committee’s report on the song is complete, it remains to be seen whether students will accept its findings. Some UT-Austin students said they believed returning to campus life in person during the fall semester would bring renewed energy to the discussion throughout this year and beyond, from especially as UT-Austin continues to implement its plan to become a more welcoming campus.

Not saying that in the future UT-Austin should tap into the intellectual capital that already exists on campus without enlisting outside help.

“We have a really incredible faculty, the black faculty, [people of color] faculty that does [diversity, equity and inclusion] work and do it really well and teach the students, ”Nonot said. “I wish the university would rely more on the resources we already have so that we can have these difficult conversations.”

This article originally appeared in The Texas Tribune.

Prince Harry is working on “intimate and sincere memories”

All students should wear masks at school this fall, says pediatrics group

Canada reopens border to fully vaccinated Americans on August 9

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Smithfield Historical Society Hosts Open House, Farmers Market House | News, Sports, Jobs http://arbeiasociety.org.uk/smithfield-historical-society-hosts-open-house-farmers-market-house-news-sports-jobs/ http://arbeiasociety.org.uk/smithfield-historical-society-hosts-open-house-farmers-market-house-news-sports-jobs/#respond Mon, 19 Jul 2021 04:17:40 +0000 http://arbeiasociety.org.uk/smithfield-historical-society-hosts-open-house-farmers-market-house-news-sports-jobs/ EVENT NOMINATIONS – Visitors to the Smithfield Historical Society Open House on July 10 were, left to right, Linda Kovach, President; musician Rose Angelica; Jodee Verhovec, treasurer; and member Elaine Nameth. – Contributed SMITHFIELD – Local residents and people from the outside came on July 10 for the Smithfield Historical Society Open House at 1313 […]]]>

EVENT NOMINATIONS – Visitors to the Smithfield Historical Society Open House on July 10 were, left to right, Linda Kovach, President; musician Rose Angelica; Jodee Verhovec, treasurer; and member Elaine Nameth. – Contributed

SMITHFIELD – Local residents and people from the outside came on July 10 for the Smithfield Historical Society Open House at 1313 Main Street and the Friends of Smithfield’s Farmers Market.

Linda Kovach, president of the historical society, said it was the first public event sponsored by the organizations since the pandemic, and that they were pleased with the community’s response.

Visitors strolled through the Historical Society Museum, which houses a Spartan room, dedicated to Smithfield High School memorabilia, and also includes a room for city affairs and church items.

The main dining room provided seating for guests to sit and look at newspaper articles and leaf through albums.

The open day was also an opportunity for the historical society to show the renovations made to the museum over the past year, thanks to a grant from the Pugliese Charitable Foundation.

On sale were copies of “The country doctor’s wife”, written by Cornelia Cattell Thompsons, wife of Smithfield physician Jay Ira Thompson. The book is a first-person account of the challenges of living in the shadows and at the center of her husband’s vocation in the 1920s and 1930s.

The original manuscript was donated to the Mount Pleasant Historical Society, and the organization’s president, Angela Feenerty, edited the book and sought a publisher. Copies are available from the Smithfield and Mount Pleasant Historical Societies.

The morning was livened up by a performance by local country music artist Rose Angelica, who began her music career as a member of the Smithfield High School Marching Band. She sang and shared her story of how she became a Century II recording artist.

The Farmers’ Market, which was held next to the historic building on Main Street, was also a success. “The Foster-Fluharty Farms and All Good Farms had a lot of fresh produce and honey,” Kovach noted. Artist Diane Holcomb exhibited her works and Linda Helt had a variety of crafts.

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Modular Kitchen Market Size, Historical Growth, Analysis, Opportunities and Forecast to 2026 http://arbeiasociety.org.uk/modular-kitchen-market-size-historical-growth-analysis-opportunities-and-forecast-to-2026/ http://arbeiasociety.org.uk/modular-kitchen-market-size-historical-growth-analysis-opportunities-and-forecast-to-2026/#respond Sun, 18 Jul 2021 09:18:44 +0000 http://arbeiasociety.org.uk/modular-kitchen-market-size-historical-growth-analysis-opportunities-and-forecast-to-2026/ Posted: 43 minutes ago by the administrator Product ID: LPI2472958 Request a free sample Summary: Request a sample copy of this report- Request a free sample The latest Modular Kitchens market research report provides an in-depth assessment of this industry, highlighting all the factors that are driving or limiting the growth matrix of the industry […]]]>