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Photo submitted Nicholas Knobil of Bowdoinham, Maine, and the late aviator’s great-nephew, Nancy Harkness Love, gives a presentation about his famous relative at the 2021 ‘Women, Wine & Wings’ held at the Dakota Territory Air Museum. Love was the commander of the Women’s Auxiliary Transport Squadron (WAFS) during World War II. Photo by Joe Cimarelli.

Special events to honor veterans, men and women of aviation will be seen at the Dakota Territory Air Museum in Minot during its 2022 season.

Robin Brekhus, events coordinator, said a special event will be held each month starting in June with an event on the 25th to honor Korean War veterans and to commemorate the United States’ involvement in that war. .

“It will be a patriotic event” said Brekhus, who served as the air museum’s event coordinator for several years.

She said local veterans’ organizations will participate and songs from each branch of the military will be featured during the program. Ric Gutierrez will be the master of ceremonies.

Because many people think “MASH POTATOES,” the TV show, when they think of the Korean War, Brekhus said a helicopter will be part of the Korean War commemoration.

Photo submitted Dakota Cruisers Car Club vehicles are parked at the Dakota Territory Air Museum for ‘Wings & Wheels’ held last year.

“Korean War veterans are invited to attend,” said Brekhus. She said she would like to hear their stories of their service in the war. Veterans can call or text Brekhus at 520-234-3901.

The next event, “Wings and Wheels” has taken place in the past, but Brekhus said this year’s event will be significant. She said Minot’s Dakota Cruisers Car Club was already on board to participate in “Wings and wheels.”

Brekhus said the International Cessna 180 Club would meet at Minot that week.

“We will have between 70 and 90 planes there”, she says.

She said many of them will be coming from Canada and many members of the Cessna 140 Club will be in Minot most of the week.

The “Night at the Museum” hangar dance is an evening of commemoration of airmen of the past. This photo was taken in 2021.

“We have planned this (Cessna 180 club meeting) for 2020,” but she said that could not take place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “So, let’s go for this year” said Brekhus. “Not only will we have fenders, but the automobile club will bring the wheels.”

She said that there will also be historic military vehicles that will take part in “Wings and wheels.”

With the arrival of August, there will be another great day of military appreciation at the air museum – the commemoration of the Vietnam War on the 13th.

Brekhus said the Vietnam War commemoration will also be a patriotic event to honor veterans of that war. She said it will include a synopsis about the war and why it happened.

“Vietnam veterans are invited to attend”, said Brekhus.

If any of them have questions, they can call or text Brekhus or contact the air museum.

During the commemoration of the Vietnam War, the air museum will hold its 26th annual aircraft competition.

The following month, September 14, “Women, Wine & Wings” takes place at the air museum. This event celebrates the contributions and impacts of women in aviation past and present.

The last special event of the season is the “Night at the Museum” hangar dance with food, music, silent auction, dancing and re-enactments of famous airmen from the past.

“We have great stories for this one,” said Brekhus.

She said she was looking for donations for the silent auction. Silent auction proceeds go to the air museum, including scholarships and programs.

Food and beverages will be available at all events and are open to the public.

For more information on event admission, see the Air Museum website at www.dakotaterritoryairmuseum.com or call the Air Museum at 852-8500.

Companies, organizations and individuals wishing to sponsor an event or events can contact Brekhus.

Air Museum Historical Resource

Founded in 1986, the air museum is a “significant historical repository honoring the men, women and machines that marked the rich history of aviation. Through exhibits and events that inspire, educate and entertain, the museum has become a viable and important historical resource for our region and the state of North Dakota. according to his story.

Among the many features of the air museum is one of the largest exhibits of World War II aircraft in the Midwest.

The Air Museum’s educational opportunities include offering aviation camps for school children, school tours, and aviation scholarships.

Don Larson is Chairman of the Board of the Air Museum. Jenna Grindberg is the director of the museum.

The Air Museum is located at 100 34th Avenue NE near Minot International Airport.

The Air Museum will open for the 2022 season on May 14. For more information about the air museum, visit its website at www.dakotaterritoryairmuseum.com or call 852-8500.

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