Enid Brighton accused by English Heritage of being “racist, sexist, homosexual”



According to English Heritage, famous children’s writer Enid Blyton rose to popularity on Twitter in Australia after her work was deemed “racist and xenophobic”.

Sun Articles on the second half of the English Heritage website have been reported Famous Five The author said his work “has been criticized for its life and beyond for its racism, its exclusion of aliens and its lack of literary merit.”

His history Little black doll “The title doll, Sambo, was not accepted by the owner until her” ugly black face “was” clean “in the rain.”

English Heritage also claimed Brighton was dismissed by the Royal Monetary Authority in commemoration of 50 pence coins because he was “racist, sexist, gay and not a very popular writer”. ..

However, the organization confirmed that there was “no plan” to remove Brighton’s blue plaque.

The author is commemorated with a plaque from a heritage organization outside his former home in Chessington, South West London.

English Heritage has promised to review the entire blue plaque after last year’s Black Lives Matter event.

After the writer’s biography made headlines, the organization tweeted defending the article.

“From 1997 Blue Plaque to Enid Blyton, we’re back in the news with an online career as a beloved child writer.â€

“Each plaque can contain around 19 words. Our website provides a complete picture of a person’s life, including the unpleasant aspects.

“There are no plans to get rid of the blue plaque.

“We will continue to update our website so that the story behind every plaque and every person is fully told.”

Comedian David Baddiel was one of those who commented on the biography of the late English Heritage writer.

He tweeted. “ReEnid Blyton-Racism, Yes, Alien Exclusion, Yes, but the ‘Lack of Literary Merit’ for a book that has sold 600 million copies seems oddly devious.”

Botanist and TV presenter James Wong tweeted:

“Why are you so angry about this all of a sudden, like the press is starting to heat up today?” “

Social media have not been overly impressed with Brighton’s cancellation plan.

Brighton, Noddy When Malory towersDied in 1968 at the age of 71.

This article was originally published Sun It will be reprinted here with permission.

Enid Brighton accused by English Heritage of being “racist, sexist, homosexual”

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