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the Friends of Stockwell War Memorial and Gardens are preparing an exhibition to celebrate the Centenary of the Memorial.

A Centennial Exhibition Remembrance • Community • Renewal will take place at St Michael’s Church in Stockwell between 30 April and 7 May, except Sunday 1 May.

Naomi Clifford, Chair of Friends of Stockwell War Memorial and Gardens, said:

“Friends are delighted to be able to bring the story of the Memorial to life for the community of Stockwell and the global network of loved ones of the 574 men named. Memorials such as Stockwell are both important signifiers of the terrible losses that war brings and valuable repositories of local history.

The exhibition will include:

  • Reminiscences of the local stonemason who built the Memorial.
  • Recently discovered photographs.
  • A short film on the Memorial through the decades.
  • Details of the competition organized by the Royal Academy to find a suitable design.
  • The newspapers report the solemn drama of the unveiling on May 3, 1922.
  • The iconic Stockwell space was first opened on May 3, 1922. It was built to a design by 31-year-old architect Frank Twydals Dear.

    The monument has been commended by the Royal Academy for possessing, “a tower of excellent proportion and fine detail, depending for its effect on good volume and simple lines.”

    A Chelsea-based sculptor, Benjamin Clemens, designed the Remembrance figure which bears the simple message below: “To the men of Stockwell who served in the Great War, 1914-1919”.

    Greenwich-born Frederick Francis undertook the stone carving, while a Dr Caiger donated the four-faced clock – possibly in remembrance of his only son, Frederick, who was killed at the Somme in 1916.

    Local jeweler and watchmaker Sidney Sanders – who opened a shop in Brixton Road in 1908 – was originally to supply the clock, but after insisting that the company’s name appear on the clock face, his offer was rejected.

    The exhibition at St Michael’s is free.

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