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ALBANY – A $ 100,000 grant from the Kendal C. and Anna Ham Charitable Foundation has helped Tin Mountain take a giant leap towards its fundraising goal of $ 1.3 million through its Planting Seeds fundraising campaign , the next 40 years.

Thanks to the generosity of individuals, members and foundations such as the Ham Charitable Foundation, Tin Mountain is on track to meet its financial goal. The Ham Charitable Foundation has long supported the Tin Mountain Conservation Center.

Since 1998, the Ham Foundation has supported Tin Mountain through fundraising and fundraising to buy a truck, new computers and more.

““ The trail project will be appreciated by current and future generations of outdoor enthusiasts and is an important tool for accessible outdoor learning.

The first goal of the fundraising campaign was to raise funds to purchase a 73-acre parcel of land located across from the Tin Mountain Nature Learning Center. This acquisition brings Tin Mountain’s total footprint in Albany to just over 300 acres.

This land is also the future site of a one-mile accessible nature trail with a firm, smooth surface that will allow people with reduced mobility as well as parents with strollers to access and further explore the natural world. The grant from the Ham Foundation will be applied to work on this trail and the construction of a learning pavilion to be built on site.

The post and beam learning pavilion, slated for construction later this year, will be named in memory of Kendal C. and Anna Ham and their philanthropic goal of supporting local organizations. The pavilion will provide a place for classes, field trips and nature programs to come together and commune with nature. A small parking lot has been added to the property and the trail has been marked. Work on the trail and pavilion is currently scheduled to begin this fall.

“We are delighted with the generous support of the Ham Charitable Trust and look forward to starting work on the trail and pavilion,” said Lori Jean Kinsey, Executive Director of Tin Mountain.

In addition to purchasing the land, Tin Mountain also paid off the Nature Learning Center mortgage and created a maintenance fund as well as an endowment. All of these efforts establish a solid financial foundation on which to build Tin Mountain’s future.

The fundraising campaign also includes the creation of Nature’s Playscape, a natural playground, and the construction of a storage barn. Nature’s Playscape will feature all natural materials such as rocks, logs, trees, and water, all of which are natural attractions for children of all ages.

Nature’s Playscape will provide the tools for imaginative play that builds confidence and leadership as well as strength, coordination and balance. The construction of a new barn for storage will allow the historic and architectural barn which currently sits on the property to be used for program space as well as event rental.

With the support and donations of neighbors, members, friends and foundations such as the Ham Charitable Foundation, Tin Mountain has made significant strides towards its goal of $ 1.3 million, but it is not yet the case.

If you are interested in supporting environmental education, conservation research, and outdoor recreation programs, look for the Fundraising Campaign tab on the Tin Mountain website at tinmountain.org.

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