Heritage | FSSF

We help our clients make informed decisions about their historic buildings and sites, enabling them to be stewards that connect heritage to the future. We provide professional advice and a full range of technical services related to buildings of historical and cultural significance, their environment and archaeology.

Working with public and private sector clients, our work ranges from large-scale redevelopment projects such as the transformation of Canada’s Parliament Building, to smaller projects such as climate risk assessments for historical monuments of Antarctica.

Our locally dedicated teams draw on international expertise to deliver complex projects using both traditional construction methods and highly technical solutions. Working closely with our customers and other stakeholders, we are developing innovative solutions that will preserve our historic places, while ensuring their future viability.

Reuse of historic buildings

Modernizing our existing building stock is an integral part of creating a more sustainable built environment. Reusing historic buildings comes with additional challenges – balancing the heritage significance of the building with the need to adapt them to user needs and meet net zero sustainability goals.

Our design solutions aim to breathe new life into these buildings, sensitively integrating digital and sustainable technologies, while retaining the unique features that make them so special.

From feasibility studies and planning applications to building system upgrades and structural engineering, we help our clients realize their ambitions: revitalizing old buildings to meet their needs today and tomorrow. .

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