Hispanic Heritage: Connie’s Mexico Cafe



WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Connie’s Mexico Cafe has been part of the Air Capitol landscape for over 50 years. Cici Garcia said his family’s restaurant is in the heart of the north and it all started with an unexpected suggestion.

“My grandmother had a parish dinner at Saint Margaret Mary’s and they loved her food so much it’s like you should open a restaurant,†Cici said.

Cici Garcia’s grandmother, Connie, opened the doors of Connie’s Mexico Cafe in 1963. “It’s been open for over 50 years, the third generation, you know, my grandma, my mother now it’s to us, â€she continued.

Cici is one of the five sisters. She, along with her younger sister, now runs the show. “It’s our passion. It’s good to see the story and the legacy continue, and that’s our whole goal, â€she said.

Starting and running the business was no easy task, Cici says.

“I know my grandmother and my mother struggled. They sacrificed a lot of their lives, they suffered a lot of discrimination. Watching his grandmother and mother overcome adversity inspired Cici to take the reins.

“Three generations of strong and powerful Latin women is in our blood, and I’m like, we can do it. and so are we, â€Cici concluded.

Cici plans to organize events for Latin women to come together and share ideas and experiences in the hopes of encouraging them to achieve their goals of becoming business owners.


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