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The city’s Historic Preservation Commission has looked into the possibility of creating an advisory committee or volunteer assistance for the group.

CHP Secretary Les Barber, noting President John Sampen’s idea, said: “I think the idea of ​​an expert advisory committee that can help us on broader issues,†including perhaps being people from the Wood County Historical Society, the Wood County District Public Library, and maybe a local architect and builder, among others “makes perfect sense.”

Barber also suggested that they could create an informal volunteer group called “Friends of Historic Preservationâ€.

The commission held a meeting on December 14 to discuss the possibilities.

“There could be quite a few members of such a group,” said Barber, believing that they could help with some tasks, such as building inventory, which is part of the historic designation process. “A ‘friend’ could be any person in town who is interested in it and says, ‘Hey, I’d like to kind of help with that. “

The possibility that the CHP would need both types of groups was discussed.

“I see a need … for help with the inventory,” said Sampen, who also said they could also ask the city for help and apply for grants. “We’re just not going to be able to do it all. … I wish I had someone to help me take inventory. I think we need help with the research.

During discussion during the meeting, Vice President Will Roudebush suggested the idea of ​​designating historic sites in the city, not just buildings, and potentially recognizing them with some form of marker. Among those he suggested were the site of the old Heinz factory and the old armory which he said had also served as the first classroom for what was then Bowling Green Normal College.

Barber supported the idea, saying “it’s a way to move the city forward towards an understanding of historic preservation.”

The commission also held a lengthy discussion on the process of advancing the local historic designation of the current Bowling Green Police Division building, which previously served as the municipal building, located at the southeast corner of West Streets. Wooster and South Church. At their October meeting, HPC members agreed to individually research the site as part of the inventory process involved in the designation.

During the meeting, Barber said the commission agreed it had enough information to make a recommendation to council regarding the building. Member Chris Mowen said she would write a letter on the subject by the next meeting. Sampen said if all members agree to his project, they will take it to the board. He said they should let the board know that the building designation “is a model, it’s our start, and we learn as we go, and we would like (board) approval and help with. move that forward and make this declaration a historic site.

As reported at the meeting, among the processes involved in creating a historic designation for the site would be a public hearing and review by council and the planning commission.

In other cases, the committee:

• Voted unanimously to accept a proposal from Roudebush to go ahead with the creation of a Bowling Green Historic Preservation Fund.

• Scheduled their next meeting for January 25 at 4 p.m.


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