Leading heritage organizations join forces to create UK climate risk group

Seven major UK organizations have announced a partnership to share their expertise and tackle the impact of climate change on historic sites and cultural heritage.

The new UK Heritage Adaptation Partnership will see Cadw, Department for Communities, English Heritage, Historic Environment Scotland, Historic England, National Trust and National Trust for Scotland collectively representing the four nations.

The partnership will explore critical environmental issues facing historic sites and methods that will enable collections to adapt to the increasing frequency and intensity of climatic hazards such as flooding and extreme heat, thereby building the resilience of our historical environment.

Dr Ingrid Samuel, Director of Heritage and Placemaking at the National Trust, said; “So far, heritage organizations have used different methods to answer similar questions about understanding the risk presented by our changing climate. By working together, we can consider building a more consistent approach to making meaningful comparisons, and then adapting our approach as needed. »

As Gwilym Hughes, Director of Cadw explains; “Together we will be able to identify the impact of individual climate hazards on our buildings, archaeology, landscapes and places, and how these can be adapted to prevent what is special about them. be lost due to climatic constraints. This can involve testing ideas that run counter to traditional conservation principles – adaptation is largely an exploratory space and we are dealing with a world of uncertainty in terms of climate and impact on places and sites that we like and appreciate.

Ewan Hyslop, Head of Research and Climate Change at Historic Environment Scotland (HES), added: “Climate change is one of the most significant challenges to historic environment management locally, nationally and internationally. , and the resilience of these historic places has an important role to play in supporting climate action and achieving net zero goals.

“This new partnership of UK heritage organizations will allow us to work together more effectively to address the common challenges of climate change for the benefit of heritage across the UK.”

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