Mermaid Society SMTX Announces 2022 ‘AquaReinas’

Mermaid Capital of Texas and Mermaid Society SMTX announced their first-ever Mermaid Society Aqua-Reinas (Queen of the Waters).

The AquaReinas will assist with Mermaid Society SMTX youth eco programming, river cleanups, community outreach, the Mermaid Capital of Texas Fest, and represent the Mermaid Capital of Texas at public appearances including parades in surrounding towns and creative media efforts to promote guardianship of the San Marcos River, the society said.

Mermaid Society SMTX held its first-ever AquaReina Welcome and Orientation on Thursday night at Mermaid Headquarters, located at Wonder World Cave & Adventure Park.

“We have members who are passionate about eco-education, art, environmental stewardship, the mermaid festival and everyone who is involved in our public relations efforts and parades. It is so exciting to have a group that is wholeheartedly excited to support the Mermaid Society,” said July Moreno, Founder of Mermaid Society SMTX.

The 2022 AquaReinas are Charlene Tiner, Angela Turner, Jill Lemoine, Mary O’Hara, Meagan Lavender, Chelsea Cancem, Kristian Chen, Emily Avila, Claire Thorpe, Ines Magaña, Kimberley Johnson, Sheila Beck, Joanne Beaton, Terri Mitchell, Celeste Hollister, Laura Cardona, Katie Schutze, Marisol Muth, Norma Jimenez, Lenisa Careaga and Tiffany Morvant.

“I am so blessed to be surrounded by an incredibly powerful and talented group of women who I can now call my MerSisters,” AquaReina Laura Cardona said. “I look forward to the opportunity to connect and build lasting relationships with them.”

Cardona says she wants to continue educating those around her about the importance of our San Marcos freshwater mermaids and support the Mermaid Society in any way she can.

“It is an absolute honor to be a Mermaid Ambassador,” said AquaReina Ines Magaña. “It represents something beautiful, organic and powerful.”

Magaña said she hopes to build relationships through the program and focus on empowering youth and the community to do everything in our power to keep the San Marcos River clean and safe for all unique species.

“The AquaReina initiative has been a dream of the Mermaid Society for several years and has finally achieved a goal for this year. We are pleased to announce that we can now share this exciting milestone with the community,” said Mermaid Society SMTX in a newsletter.

The company put out a call for AquaReinas in February. Moreno said there were more requests than expected.

“Our MerTeam selected people who are passionate about protecting our natural environment to include the San Marcos River. We were intentional in choosing people who represented a wide range of talents, skills and experiences that support our founding pillars – l stewardship, preservation, local, arts, sustainability and heritage,” she said.

The title of the new Mermaid Society Ambassadors pays homage to the legendary Aquamaids of San Marcos, who were underwater performers at Aquarena Springs – an amusement park – from the 1950s to the early 1990s.

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