Mohenjo Daro may be removed from World Heritage List: Reports

Islamabad: Mohenjo Daro could be removed from the World Heritage List if urgent attention to conservation and restoration work is not carried out, according to reports.
Reports say Pakistan’s Department of Archeology has warned that unless urgent attention is given to conservation and restoration work at Mohenjo Daro, the site could be delisted from the World Heritage List.

The archaeological ruins of Mohenjo Daro received record rains for several days in August, resulting in extensive damage to the site and the partial collapse of several walls.

Dawn quoted a source as saying that the site’s curator in his August 29 letter to the director of culture, antiquities and archeology said that although “we have made every effort to protect the site with our resources”, d ‘other departments – irrigation, roads, highways and forest have not fulfilled their duties.

The head of archeology had called for immediate contact with the irrigation and roads departments for the repair of the levee, the broken canal levees and the removal of the pipes, DAWN reported.

Pakistan’s National Disaster Management Agency reported that record monsoon rains and melting glaciers in Pakistan’s northern mountains caused flooding that affected 33 million people.

According to Pakistan’s NDMA, a total of 1,682,726 houses have been destroyed so far due to heavy torrential rains and flooding. At least 633,091 people affected by the floods are currently living in camps.

The death toll in the catastrophic floods in Pakistan has risen to 1,314.

Experts said the situation resulting from the floods in Pakistan is likely to worsen in the coming days as those affected are forced to live under the sky, depriving needed resources.

“One of the major challenges currently facing the disaster areas is the lack of shelters. Today we visited Mirpurkhan, Tando Muhammad Khan and Tando Adam, but we could not see a single relief camp run by the government and people were forced to live under the sky,” said Pakistan Medical Association-Karachi Secretary General Abdul Ghafoor Shoro.

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