Morris County Historical Society Receives $15,000 Morris County Grant – Morris County, NJ

Posted on October 19, 2022

Nonprofits are also helped by the Morris County Small Business Program

The Morris County Historical Society received a $15,000 grant from Morris County Board of Commissioners this week across the county Small Business Grant Programwhich was designed to help both nonprofits and local entrepreneurs impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Historical Society (MCHS), founded in December 1945, has established itself as the center for artifacts and publications related to Morris County’s long history. The non-profit Advocates for the Preservation of Morris County Historic Resources from Acorn Hall, the Italianate Victorian country house of the Crane Hone family.

Built in 1853, it was donated to the society in 1971 and has since served as its headquarters and museum.

Morris County Commissioner Deputy Director John Krickus presented the $15,000 grant to MCHS Executive Director Amy Curry, inside Acorn Hall on Tuesday after touring parts of the preserved house, which is furnished with original family rooms and artwork from the 19e Century.

MC Historical Society Small Biz Grant 2022 4 crop.jpg “This is a very, very welcome grant. We were forced to close Acorn Hall and provide free online and outdoor programming to keep people engaged with the Morris County Historical Society during the pandemic,” Executive Director Curry said. “Unlike many local history-focused organizations, which are supported by their municipalities, we are an independent organization supported by its members. Otherwise, nearly all of the funds we receive, including state, local, and foundation grants, go through highly competitive processes. »

The society lost funding during the pandemic when closures forced the suspension of its annual activities, including group tours, fundraisers and general admission to Acorn Hall.

“More than 40 local cultural and historical groups have qualified for grants through our unique Small Business Grants Program, which is important because their activities contribute greatly to our economy,” Deputy Director Krickus said.

The Morris County Small Business Grant Program, which commissioners created with a one-time use of American Rescue Plan Act funds, was launched on Valentine’s Day. The application process closed on September 30, with approximately 750 applications approved and many more still under review.MC Historical Society Small Biz Grant 2022 harvest.jpg

MCHS is one of many nonprofit organizations that have benefited from the program.

MCHS maintains an extensive collection of archives and artifacts of nearly 15,000 historical artifacts drawn largely from Morris County, but also from other parts of New Jersey. Executive Director Curry noted during Commissioner Krickus’ visit that MCHS also holds one of the richest and most diverse historical costume collections outside New York. MCHS also has an archive of business and legal records from Morris County’s early days, including records of once-prominent families, records of memorial events, and area atlases and maps.

acorn room was the ancestral home of four generations of Crane Hone Familyand the MCHS have worked tirelessly to preserve the house and its original furnishings as they appeared in the 19e Century. The house now reflects his earliest known exterior and interior designs and features artwork that adorned the house in its early days.

Learn more about the Morris County Historical Society at:

Pictures: Deputy Director Krickus visits Executive Director Curry at Acorn Hall.

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