Mountain Heritage rushes for more than 500 people and denies Draughn 2nd place at WHC | Sports News


Draughn (5-5, 4-2 WHC) also had a good night on the floor, although almost everything came from sophomore running back Nigel Dula in a rock-solid effort. He ran for 210 yards on a staggering 35 attempts, and while his 6-yard-per-carry average was a high number, that alone wasn’t enough to keep up with the Cougars, as the Wildcats’ passing game was uneven and visitors were exceeded from 582 to 336 in total.

Draughn sophomore QB Eli Tillery completed 12 of 25 passes for 132 yards, with six of those goals going to Daylin Pritchard for 91 yards. This included a 43-yard touchdown connection just before half-time for Draughn’s first points of the game.

Dula’s first touchdown of the night, a 4-yard goal in the third quarter, made it 30-14 and capped a six-play, 26-yard short after a pair of personal foul penalties from MH that allowed Draughn to occupy an enviable position on the pitch. .

A tackle by Pritchard for a fourth down loss near midfielder in the Cougar run that followed gave the Wildcats the opportunity to make it a baseball game again, but the visitors themselves were stopped on the fourth down with a five-yard run from Tillery to Hampton Blackwell on the fourth. and-12.

Two plays later, Silvers galloped from his own 19-yard line to the end zone to clear it.

Dula’s 23-yard TD on the visitors’ penultimate night practice with 9:05 remaining completed a practice where he represented the 68-yard four-play streak, but that was mostly questionable as the The hosts chewed more than six minutes off the clock on their next possession before throwing the ball to Draughn’s 8-yard line.

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