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“COTTAGE ON LEWIS ISLAND”: This painting by Carol Sanzalone is part of “Recovery”, the 51st annual juryed exhibition of the Garden State Watercolor Society, now on view by appointment at the Muriel L. Matthews Art Gallery at the Johnson Education Center by D&R Greenway Land Trust.

D&R Greenway Land Trust announces the reopening of its Marie L. Matthews art gallery in its Johnson Education Center in Princeton with the aptly named “Recovery†exhibition, in partnership with the Garden State Watercolor Society (GSWS).

This 51st annual river-focused jury exhibit is available for scheduled tours booked through October 17. In addition to the jury exhibit, in the lobby of the Johnson Education Center, visitors will be greeted by the Garden State Watercolour Society’s “Third Annual Art Installation,†made up of over 100 mini-paintings depicting aspects of the river. Delaware, exhibited among the stones of the river.

An in-person reception and awards ceremony will take place on Friday, September 10 at the Johnson Education Center, outdoors. For more information and to reserve a space, visit

Opportunities to view the exhibit include in-person tours by appointment only, by calling (609) 558-0207. Reserved scheduled entries will be available three days a week for the duration of the show, with monthly hours on Saturdays. Visitors will be asked to follow CDC guidelines when they enter the Johnson Education Center to view the exhibit, complete with masks and social distancing. Entrances will be scheduled in such a way that each visitor and his / her guests remain separate from other visitors to the exhibition. Events have been on hold for over a year and this is the first indoor gallery exhibition to return.

‘PORTRAIT OF AN EASTERN BOXED TURTLE’: James Fiorentino’s painting is part of the Garden State Watercolor Society’s annual jury exhibit, now on view by appointment through October 17 at the Johnson Education Center of D&R Land Trust, 1 Preservation Place, Princeton.

The Garden State Watercolor Society’s “Recovery†depicts the wilderness, recreation, birds, fish, flora and fauna of the Delaware River with a creative imagination. The works show what “Recovery†means to each artist, figuratively or abstractly.

“This exhibit celebrates what we’ve learned at D&R Greenway over the past year and a half, that nature heals and helps us recover from isolation and trauma,†said Linda Mead, CEO and President of D&R Greenway. “Our founding mission of preserving water quality by conserving land along our region’s waterways is reflected in the focus on the Delaware River.”

The river is a return success story, with progress in cleaning up the river celebrated in 2020 when American Rivers named Delaware the “American River of the Year.” The river landscape has long been a place of reflection and beauty for the inhabitants and artists of the region.

Tess Fields, President of GSWS, said: “I was thrilled when the D&R Greenway Land Trust challenged us with the theme of the Delaware River and its reclamation. I grew up in Delaware and have a lot of respect and affection for it. Each season on the river has its own special beauty. He can be calm and serene, or, after a storm, he can be dangerous and threatening. GSWS artists have adopted the theme and created a wide variety of wonderful art. I hope people will come to see the exhibit at the Johnson Education Center at D&R Greenway. GSWS is delighted to hang its first exhibition in two years!

The Garden State Watercolor Society’s “Third Annual Art Installation,” a distinctive mini-art representation of aspects of the Delaware River with over one hundred 5 “x7” paintings created by GSWS artists, is the gateway to entrance to the exhibition. Challenged to paint using only cool colors of blue, green and purple, the collaborative exhibition showcases the artists’ imaginative creativity. The installation art celebrates the Delaware River – clean water, the return of wildlife and the source of scenic landscapes, and the interplay of nature and people. This installation exhibit follows the previous challenges of the ‘Head and Shoulders’ art installation in 2019, in which the portraits were made in the primary colors red, yellow, and blue only, and ‘Beautiful Creatures’ in 2020 – using secondary colors of orange, green, and purple, and showing animals, birds and insects.

The community is invited to call (609) 558-0207 to make a reservation to visit the free installation and exhibit, in person. The artists’ entry and prizes were awarded by a jury to Tim Saternow, iconic member of the American Watercolor Society, whose watercolors explore lost and forgotten areas on the fringes of the urban scene. Art is available for sale. A percentage of every purchase will support D&R Greenway’s mission to preserve and care for the land and inspire a conservation ethic, now and forever.

D&R Greenway’s Johnson Education Center is located at One Preservation Place, Princeton. For more information, visit


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