In commemoration of National Preservation Month in May, PCSB Bank Somers supported the local preservation efforts of the Somers Historical Society by purchasing a limited-edition giclee print titled The Elephant Hotel, pictured here with artwork artist Susan Slyman, a nationally acclaimed folk artist based in Somers. , and Christopher Boemio, assistant vice president and director of PCSB Bank Somers.

Slyman researched old maps, photographs, and documents from the Society’s collection, as well as archaeological and construction studies, to create the 1840 depiction of the National Historic Landmark building. The Society is selling limited edition signed art prints ($40) and giclee prints ($300) of The Elephant Hotel.

A portion of the proceeds from each sale benefits the continued preservation of art in the Somers Historical Society‘s art collection. National Preservation Month is a national public outreach program established by the National Trust for Historic Preservation in 1973 to educate and support the public about the social and economic benefits of historic preservation in the United States.

Locally, Somers City Council passed a resolution declaring May as “National Somers Preservation Month” in support of this initiative. Since establishing a branch in Somers in 1981, its first outside of Putnam County, PCSB Bank has championed historic preservation and supported the teaching of local history, in part through its sponsorship of Somers Historical Society. The financial institution’s corporate art collection in the Somers branch includes original watercolors by regional artist Ned Reade, as well as copies of historical photographs depicting local scenes from the collections of the Somers Historical Society. The Elephant Hotel will be added to this collection and can be viewed, along with the entire art collection, during normal branch hours.

The PCSB Bank, Somers Historical Society and the Town of Somers share family ties, of sorts. Patrick V. Ryan, one of the company’s seven founding members and a Somers Town supervisor, was the father of longtime PCSB Bank president Daniel Ryan.

Somers Historical Society, founded in 1956, is a voluntary, 501(c)(3) educational society. Its missions are to educate and defend local historic resources, encourage historical research, and act as custodians of its world-class collection of early 19th-century menagerie and traveling circus ephemera and local history, as well as collections belonging to the town of Somers. The Society holds local history exhibits in the lobby of the Elephant Hotel, a National Historic Landmark, as well as in four galleries on the third floor; develops and presents free cultural and educational programs and, through its seat on the Historic Properties Board, advises and consults with the Town of Somers on the maintenance of town-owned historic sites; The Wright Reis Farm; Mt. Zion Church and Cemetery and Tomahawk Chapel, National Register Sites and the Elephant Hotel, a National Historic Landmark.
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