Presentation of the pow-wow “They dance” in Bemidji

The Beltrami County Historical Society and the Bemidji Public Library are currently hosting a series of shows exploring the history and culture of the Anishinaabe powwow. From speakers to performers, this exhibit highlights the many aspects of Anishinaabe culture.

Boozhoo! When someone attends events in or around Bemidji, this greeting is often heard. While acknowledging Bemidji’s Anishinaabe history and presence, events like the “Niimi’idiwag (they dance)” series offer people the opportunity to learn more about the Native American people and culture that reside in Minnesota.

Attendees at Wednesday’s Expo powwow watched and enjoyed the strong celebratory performance. The young drumming circle led by Darrell Kingbird impressed young and old alike.

In high spirits and life, the powwows ended with their traditional travel song. The drum beats and chants gave the whole room a festive air. Kingbird and the Beltrami County Historical Society look forward to continuing the educational exhibit.

The exhibit and series will continue with another drum circle show, while highlighting powwow music, on Saturday, March 19 at the Beltrami County History Center at 6 p.m. Other episodes of the program series include “Exploring Powwow Regalia and Dance” and “All About Fry Bread”.

You can find more information about upcoming events on the Beltrami County Historical Society website.

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