Protect 377A town hall attracts over 1,200 participants who want the government to preserve traditional marriages

The town hall of Protect 377A attracts more than 1,200 participants from all walks of life

Much like the death penalty which has sparked much controversy, Section 377A of Singapore’s Penal Code is a polarizing topic that divides many Singaporeans.

While there are many who want it repealed, there are also those who call for it to be preserved.

Recently, some 1,200 people from the latter camp came together for a “Protect Singapore Townhall” in support of the preservation of 377A.

Source: Jason Wong on Facebook

Calling members of the other side an “intolerant and vocal minority”, organizers said they would no longer remain silent.

Protect 377A town hall featured former LGBT members

On Saturday (July 22) afternoon, Mr Mohamed Khair and Mr Jason Wong – presumably the organizers of the event – took to Facebook to thank the 1,200 Singaporeans who attended the event, which took place at an undisclosed location and date.

Source: Jason Wong on Facebook

The crowd was apparently made up of people from all walks of life, who came together for the same purpose – to protect family, marriage, their freedom of conscience and their children.

The couple shared that supporters of Section 377A have been “relatively held back” by opponents they described as,

An intolerant and vocal minority that seeks to overthrow the order in all areas of society.

Rather than engaging “good faith” supporters, they claimed those who opposed the 377A called them “fanatics” or “haters”.

They said they wouldn’t be silent no more

Declaring that they “will not be silent any longer”, supporters of 377A demonstrated their strength in numbers at the town hall.

Source: Jason Wong on Facebook

They made their intentions clear that the government would maintain the status quo. For them, to do this, section 377A must remain.

However, they mentioned a condition that could make its repeal possible, namely when:

[T]here are adequate guarantees for our marriages, our families and freedom of conscience. This includes enshrining male-female marriage in the constitution.

Mr. Khair and Mr. Wong expressed their delight at the strong turnout, which they said included more than a dozen former members of the local LGBT community. These people apparently shared their experiences at the event.

Originally invite-only, the pair claimed the event had an overwhelming response. Hundreds of people ended up on a waiting list and Eventbrite even deleted their SEO five days before.

Calling on fellow Singaporeans to join their cause, Mr Wong and Mr Khair said interested parties can contact them at [email protected].

Let’s have friendly discussions

Section 377A of our constitution will likely remain a touchy subject for the foreseeable future.

Although it is natural for us to have different points of view, it is important not to let such issues divide our society. Rather than disagreeing with each other, we should have cordial discussions to come to a consensus.

Hopefully, more constructive developments regarding this issue will emerge over time.

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Featured image adapted from Jason Wong on Facebook.

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