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The Library of Virginia, in cooperation with the Greene County File and the Greene County Historical Society, is making progress in converting microfilm records from previous editions into a searchable online database. To date, no such digital collection exists for the newspaper which has served the Greene County community for over 110 years. Many decades of archived documents exist only in the Save office, and some years only exist on microfilm at the local office or Library of Virginia. If anything were to happen to these crumbling books and pages, the history of the county would be irretrievably lost, but this effort hopes to change that.

The Greene County File has changed over the years, but it remains the only source of local paper-based information in the county.

Microfilm recordings of earlier editions date from 1903 to the present day. The first batch of records to be processed will be the oldest available until 1964. Although work will begin next week, it is unlikely that the process on this first batch will be completed before January 2022.

When the editions are available, they will be posted on the website of The Chronicle of Virginia ( It is a historical archive of Virginia newspapers, providing free access to full-text search and scanned images of over one million newspaper pages. The ability to perform a full-text search of past issues will greatly assist the Historical Society and the public in their efforts to document the history of our county.

“Preserving our newspaper archives is the most important project I have undertaken since becoming editor in August 2018,†said Terry Beigie, who before becoming editor , was a part-time journalist for the weekly. “The goal has been to digitize our collection into a searchable online database and preserve the history of Greene County, at least since the early 1900s. Our journal is the first and only journal published specifically in Greene County.


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