Stephens County Owners Receive Centennial Farm Award | Community


Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer Lynda Ozan released a correction regarding an Oklahoma Centennial Farm Award that was presented to farm owners in Stephens County.

The Bill D. Pittman Family Trust, with Bill J. Pittman as director of operations, owns the Pittman-Brabits farm located near Duncan. The family has been growing wheat and raising cattle since great-grandfather John (Brabec) Brabits settled the land in 1911.

To be eligible for a Centennial Farm or Ranch award, a property must have been occupied by a family member for at least 100 years and must currently be operated or occupied by a family member or rented by a family member. The property must have a minimum of 40 acres and gross annual sales of at least $ 1,000. The Oklahoma Historical Society and the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry have sponsored the Centennial Farm and Ranch Awards for 32 years, during which time seven awards were presented in County Stephens.

For more information on the Centennial Farm and Ranch Program, please contact Shea J. Otley at 405-522-4485 or [email protected].

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