The Fishtown slum soared into the air and came home



Just before 2 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon, a giant yellow crane lifted a cabin into the air and placed it in its original home on the Leland River. This was the third cabin to be moved and repaired in the historic Leland Fish District.

High water levels and large waves caused by low pressure systems in Lake Michigan resulted in flooding.

Amanda Holmes, Executive Director of the Fishtown Preservation Society, said each building posed unique challenges and “Otherside Shanty” was no exception.

“It flooded so much that we lost all of the flooring,†Holmes said. “We have lost the insulation, we have lost the utilities, there is still a lot of work to be done before this building can be occupied again. “

The Otherside Shanty got its name while in service as a storage building for Carlson’s Fishery. The family often asked for supplies across the river. In 2000, it was transformed into a vacation rental. He should be ready to be busy next year.

The Carlson Fishery is the next cabin to be removed and repaired. This should happen in November.

Max Copeland / Interlochen Public Radio

Otherside Shanty sits, waiting to be lifted by a crane and brought back to her original home.

Other side Shanty 3

Max Copeland / Interlochen Public Radio

A hole in the waterfront where the Otherside Shanty will be returned.

Other side Shanty 4

Max Copeland / Interlochen Public Radio

A crowd waits for the Otherside Shanty to be lifted by a crane and returned to its original location in Fishtown.

Other side Shanty 5

Meggen Watt Petersen

Otherside Shanty is relocated to its original home on the River Leland.


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