The historic barn takes a step back in time

The Swiss Community Historical Society (SCHS) is reconfiguring the Schumacher farm bank barn to reflect the original location of the entrances on the upper floor.

The doors will be painted but their design and materials can be better appreciated in their current state.

New barn doors create a 14’x12′ opening on the east gable. They are made of native poplar with white oak slats. The strap hinges were made by Steve Burkholder of Elevator Service in Beaverdam. The barn renovations, including full beam repairs, were done by Jeff Althaus, Seth Bixel, Dan Diller, Ron Graham, Tony Ruler and Shev Shekochikhin.

Work to create the earth embankment should begin in March 2022.

The 1854 barn is one of the first large barns in the area. Originally the hay wagons would have been driven at one end, the hay thrown into the mowers on the sides, and then the wagons driven out the other end. Note: The Historical Society property cannot accommodate the recreation of a bank at the west end of the barn.

In the 1880s the barn was upgraded to accommodate a hay wagon. Horses could now be driven from the south end, turned inside the barn, and driven out the same door.

The Schumacher Homestead is located at 8350 Bixel Rd. and includes an 1843 farmhouse, summer kitchen, workshop, vegetable garden, and other outbuildings. The historic site is supported by society memberships and donations.

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