The SPVGMC Trust will host the Heritage Music Festival from January 6

Mysore / Mysore: The Sri Prasanna Vidya Ganapathi Mandali Charitable (SPVGMC) Trust is set to host the 60th Heritage Music Festival at 8th Cross, VV Mohalla, in the city from January 6-26.

Announcing this at a press conference at Pathrakartara Bhavan in town this morning, Trust Patron and former MP Vasu said that the Trust was established in 1962 as “Prasanna Vidya Ganapathi Mahotsava Sangha” by Mahalingu, Raghothammadas , Nanjappa, GP Subbarao, Sriram Iyengar, Himamshu and other young people.

Speaking further, Vasu said, “In the beginning, they not only organized classical music programs, but also orchestral programs by erecting shelters using coconut leaves and bamboo. Later, Soudaramma Venkatesh, Saroja Tulasidas Dasappa, Naganna and Rajamma CR Gowda joined together to continue the activities of the Sangha which was converted in 1985 into a trust under the presidency of Tulasidas Dasappa with the support of patrons like KV Murthy and K. Seetaram Rao. Later it was re-registered as “SPVGMC Trust” in 2007 with R. Vasudeva Murthy as chairman. After the deaths of R. Vasudeva Murthy and KV Murthy, Mr. Jagannath Shenoi as chairman and myself (Vasu) as sponsor run the Trust.

The Trust has kept the tradition of classical music alive by identifying and providing opportunities for new talent. Three generations of veterans have performed here and have added to the prestige of this platform over the past 60 years.

She has been organizing music concerts during the Ganesha Festival for 60 years. This gave the rasikas of Mysuru the opportunity to listen to and enjoy the best of Indian classical music from the best artists in the country.

The Trust now has CR Himamshu as secretary and Mr. Lakshminarayana, N. Nagaraj, R. Gururaj, TS Venugopal, Shylaja, Amaresh Das, MK Sridhar, Vasanth and C. Cheluvaraju as a team.

The following music concerts were held as part of its 60th Heritage Music Festival daily at 6.45pm:

  • January 6: vid. TM Krishna – Voice; Vid. Sheikh Subhani and Vidu. Sheikh Kaleeshabi – Nagaswara.
  • January 7: Vidu. Akkarai Subhalakshmi and Vidu. Akkarai Swarnalatha – Violin.
  • January 8: Vidu. SV Sahana – Veena.
  • January 9: Vidu. Jayanthi Kumaresh – Veena; Vid. Kumaresh – Violin.
  • January 10: vid. Kunnakudi Balamuralikrishna – Voice.
  • January 11: vid. TV Gopalakrishnan – Voice.
  • January 12: pt. Venkatesh Kumar – Voice.
  • January 13: vid. Sandeep Narayan – Voice.
  • January 14: Vidu. Lakshmi Nagaraj / Vidu. Indu Nagaraj – Vocal duet.
  • January 15: vid. Vijay Siva – Voice.
  • January 16: Trichur disturbs – Vid. Krishna Mohan and Vidwan Ramkumar Mohan – Vocal duet.
  • January 17: pt. Praveen Godkhindi – Bansuri; Vid. Anil Srinivasan – Piano.
  • January 18: vid. Vignesh Ishwar – Voice.
  • January 19: vid. Rithvik Raja – Voice.
  • January 20: vid. Abhishek Raghuram – Voice.
  • January 21: vid. Vivek Sadashivam – Voice.
  • January 22: vid. Sakethraman – Voice.
  • January 23: vid. Mysore Nagaraj and Vid. Dr Mysore Manjunath – Violin Duet.
  • January 24: vid. Hemmige Prashanth – Vocals.
  • January 25: vid. N. Ravi Kiran – Chitraveena; Vid. Shashank Subrahmanya – Flute.

Every day, Kavya Vaachana will be held between 5:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.

January 26: Sri Ganapathi Homa by Challakere Brothers and Poornahuti at 12:30 p.m.

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