The story of Framfield Road and the new town of Uckfield is now available



Ian Fleet who wrote the history of Framfield Road and the New Town of Uckfield.

A new story of the Framfield Road and the New Town of Uckfield has been published.

It was written by Ian Fleet who has lived in the city his entire life and set it up to stop arguments over when and where stores or people are located.


He told Uckfield News: ‘I don’t have a good memory and around a quiet pint with friends every week we often disagreed over Uckfield when and where the shops or the people were – and it seems that everyone too.

“So began the project. I was also inspired by a Uckfield and District Preservation Society article by the late Norman Edwards, of Harcourt Road, who wrote on Uckfield Before the Street Numbers, trying to trace the Victorian names of houses.


It took Ian six years to put together his A4-sized book that covers everything south of the river in Uckfield, from the station to the Highland roundabout.

Ian said: “It’s a door to door trip through the streets with tons of details, facts, figures, maps and weird stories including a cat traveling by train, a posterior cow, horses, otters, gold coins, car crashes. , four pubs and two breweries.

Ian published the book himself. It is 128 pages long and contains 240 images, in black and white and in color, most of which have never been published before.

Photo collection

Ian is a volunteer archivist at Bridge Cottage and has been granted permission to use some of the Preservation Society’s extensive collection of archival photos, as well as his own photographs.

The book costs £ 12.99 and is available at the Uckfield and District Preservation Society store near Hartfields Cafe in Uckfield High Street.

Profits will go to Bridge Cottage and the Uckfield and District Preservation Society.

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