TNH Discussions: Hali Anastopoulo, creator of the Reality series, on his Greek heritage

NEW YORK — Eraklis Diamataris, co-editor/co-publisher of the National Herald, spoke with Hali Anastopoulo, creator of the 10-episode reality TV series Men of West Hollywood, now streaming for free on Crackle Plus.

Greek-American Anastopoulo, 21, leads a dynamic, ambitious and diverse team of Gen Z women who played key roles – directing, producing, filming and editing – in making the series happen. His production company, Get Me Out Productions, is based in West Hollywood.

Hali’s parents are prominent Greek-Americans in the legal field – her father and business partner Akim Anastopoulo (who is known for National Lampoon’s courtroom series An Eye for an Eye which ran for five seasons from 2004-2009) has a prominent law firm in South Carolina, and her mother Constance Anastopoulo, a law professor at the Charleston School of Law, ran for South Carolina’s attorney general in 2018.

Hali Anastopoulo and her father, co-director and co-producer, Akim Anastopoulo at the premiere of Men of West Hollywood. Photo: Dexter Brown

Their daughter has always wanted to produce entertainment and her first series was released for streaming in the United States and Canada this month.

The Men of West Hollywood reality series follows the lives of three gay men and three straight people in West Hollywood. Screen Media, a Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment company, has acquired the ad-supported rights to the series for streaming on Crackle Plus in the fall of 2021. The show premiered on January 20 with a terrific event launch at the Sofitel in Beverly Hills.

When Diamataris asked about his Greek heritage and its influence on his life, Anastopoulo said, “My Greek heritage has obviously shaped a lot of who I am and my career. I come from a long line of Spartan women. My mom used to tell me when I was little, “you can do anything, you’re from all those Spartan women” that’s something they really ingrained in me and being Greek-American is something I’m great at proud and it really shaped my desire and hunger to really get involved in this industry and make a lot of it.

When asked if she often visits Greece, Anastopoulo told Diamataris that “yes, I try to go there as often as possible. My family actually has a house there, so we can go there. about once a summer.

Of his decision to pursue a career in the highly competitive entertainment industry, Anastopoulo said, “I grew up in South Carolina, then when I moved to Los Angeles when I was in high school, Los Angeles is so immersed in the entertainment industry, I was really exposed to it in a way that I hadn’t been in SC I was really intrigued by it and the more I thought about it, then with my first show, Men of West Hollywood is based in the LA community, so that was a really big motivation for me to want to start a production company and make this show, this whole period of my life was really instrumental in my decision to be in the entertainment industry.

Hali Anastopoulo and the cast of Men of West Hollywood. Photo: Dexter Brown

Of his family’s support and the support of the South Carolina community, Anastopoulo said, “My family is really, really supportive, which I’m so grateful for and to have a really big Greek family, obviously they are the best and so supportive I’m really grateful for that and being from South Carolina is really important to me as well and having that community on top of that is really special they’ve been so supportive so having that overlap of the Greek community and the community of South Carolina, it’s a beautiful group of people who are united.

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