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In the wake of their successful “We The North” campaign, the Toronto Raptors unveiled first logo change in team history on December 19, 2014.

Developed in partnership with brand agency Sid Lee, the new Raptors logo gave the team a modern look. The rarely used but still official 1990s basketball dribbling dinosaur was now a thing of the past, replaced by a basketball centered in a cockade; a claw tearing at the seams of the ball … a “basket claw”, if you prefer.

The team first unveiled the logo via a video that showed the logo in black and white, stripped of all color, a first impression that left fans and other onlookers bewildered. “Why did the Raptors ‘snatch’ the Brooklyn Nets dressed alike, a division rival? “. A later version dispelled these misconceptions; the logo had some color after all, but not much, a black circle with the silver ball and a thin strip of red defining the outer border.

“Every movement needs a badge to stand up, a symbol to identify those who defend our territory, an emblem to represent our character and its effect on the landscape,” the narrator read in the reveal video. “‘Us, the North’ is our battle cry, and this? It’s our shield!

The graphic the Raptors used to unveil their new logo on December 19, 2014

“’We The North’ is not just a campaign. This is an example of how a truth that shapes identity can spark a brand crusade and ultimately become firmly entrenched in the culture of not just a city, but an entire country, ”the agency said. branded by Sid Lee. “We chose to bolster Canadian pride by establishing the former NBA underdog as a fierce team not only from Toronto, but from Canada. The Raptors embraced their underdog status and went all-in.

In a rather unusual move, the club also unveiled a version of the logo with an entirely different color scheme – black and gold, inspired by the colors of Team Drake’s global ambassador and its Very Own brand line of October. The club would wear this black and gold set as an alternate uniform set with co-branded merchandise made available to fans.

An alternative color scheme to sync with the Drake Team Ambassador’s OVO branding

The reaction to the logo was mixed but with an overall negative skewer. Most of the criticism was about the logo’s general lack of design. “Pedestrian disappointment,” said Tom O’Grady, creator of the original brand Raptors, before adding “WE THE BLAND”. SportsLogos.Net readers rated the logo 4.9 out of 10.

The logo change came at a time when the Raptors were in the midst of their most successful era, six division championships in seven seasons with an NBA championship as an exclamation point just four seasons after its debut.

The Raptors won their first and only NBA title using this logo in 2019

The logo still lives today, recolored following the 2019-20 season, removing silver from the team’s color scheme and emphasizing the team’s primary color, Raptors Red.

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