Tourists and locals comment on the Superman Building


PROVIDENCE, RI (WPRI) – Governor Dan McKee said this week that the demolition of Providence’s iconic Industrial Trust Building may be an option.

This remark did not please many Rhode Islanders, nor the Providence Preservation Society.

The so-called “Superman” building has been vacant for eight years now, and there is no solution in sight for the tallest structure in the state, so 12 News has sought feedback from passing locals and tourists alike. the way they think it should be used.

“It’s a beautiful building, I wouldn’t tear it down, I would probably turn it into apartments,” said Molly Cate Sansouci, who was from Kentucky.

“I feel like it’s a cool place. There is a ton of things to do here, ”she added. ” I would like to go. I would live there.

The idea of ​​turning it into a mixed-use facility was a constant among people walking the streets of Providence on Friday.

“Honestly, I love the mix of old and new architecture,” said Shannon Barnes, who was visiting the city for the first time from Merrimack, New Hampshire. “I think it could be accommodation, the ground floor could be ideal for shops, maybe a museum. I watch the trade and there are a lot of things you can play around with.

For locals like Despina Durand, she said there was “no housing shortage,” and McKee’s comments clearly struck a chord.

“It would be emotionally devastating, bordering on criminal in my mind,” she said. “The Providence skyline would never be the same again. “

An attitude shared by the Providence Preservation Society.

“The importance of the building is really threefold,” said executive director Brett Runyan. “Architecturally, it’s an amazing Art Deco design, the beautiful details that tell the story of Rhode Island from start to finish.”

“An incredible amount of energy went into creating this building, both the energy of the people but also the materials that were used,” Runyan continued.

Runyan calls on the building’s owners, High Rock Development, to step up.

“I would say it’s time to do something. We are tired of looking at the scaffolding, ”he said. “The building needs attention, it needs a lot of attention, it can be done and really, if they think there will be a future for this building, like we are doing, they have to invest in it now. . I’ve been waiting too long.

12 News has contacted High Rock Development who has no comment at this time.

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