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It was a time of contention in Israel. Saul was king of Israel, but the Spirit of the Lord was no longer with him. God had chosen David and anointed him as king. David spent many years as a fugitive before uniting the kingdom.

King Saul and his sons were defeated, killed in battle. David was made king of Israel. The days of divided loyalties were over. In 1 Chronicles chapter 12 we have the account of the men of Israel giving their allegiance to David. Men who once swore loyalty to King Saul now aligned themselves with David. And it said of the sons of Issachar, in verse 32, that they understood the times and knowed what Israel was to do. Their allegiance was for a selfless reason. Theirs was motivated by their love for the welfare of Israel and aligned with the will of God.

Israel had spent years in political turmoil, divided loyalties, infighting. They are now in a period of transition. It was the hour of healing. God awakens the conscience of those who understand, those whose hearts listen to Him.

I was encouraged when I read George Will’s editorial last Tuesday. Will, the conservative union columnist, in his own words, is a lovable low-voltage atheist who describes himself. But, in times of national turmoil, especially if this nation is waving the banner of Christianity, I believe God is awakening the conscience of men and women of understanding and reason to go against the trend and speak the truth.

Generations of Americans have been enslaved by the mythology of Southern cuteness and legendary heroes spawned by the pernicious efforts of desperate Auxiliary Confederacy organizations to reshape history and frame the Civil War narrative in favor of the South. They strategically formed their subversive energies on the textbook industry. Our schools train the leaders of our country, the engines and agitators of industry and commerce. Teach them from textbooks announcing false stories and mythology and they will enter society, business and government believing that lies are truth and mythology is reality.

This is poignantly played out in Representative Andrew Clyde’s comments on what really happened on January 6 in the nation’s capital. Clyde, (R-Ga.) Said to call the events an insurgency, “is a bold lie.” The first-term lawmaker said: “You know, if you didn’t know the TV footage was a January 6 video, you’d think this was a normal sightseeing visit.” We got delusional when one of our elected officials, a supposedly intelligent man, called the visual truth a bold lie. He has not been called to account by the state of Georgia.

By 1920, these subsidiary organizations of the Confederation had a firm grip on the textbook industry. “A Measuring Rod to Test Textbooks, and Reference Books in Schools, Colleges and Libraries,” a 23-page brochure, set the standard for what was acceptable content for history textbooks. The singular objective of the organization was to present the Sothern Cause in an honorable and noble light. The textbook industry is a for-profit business. To protect their results, national book publishers have ceded to the will of the textbook commissions in the South. There was no other way to sell textbooks to southern schools. Two versions of the same books have been published: one with a watered down and carefully drafted version of the story for Southern schools and one with historical facts for all other schools. We see this playing out in the 21st century. Southern lawmakers are sponsoring bills in their states that ban the teaching of real history. The emphasis on slavery in the colonies and its impact on our society and culture must be excluded from school curricula.

This alternate truth would be rooted in the minds of young people in the South and passed down from generation to generation. The retreat against integration during the civil rights era is a testament to their success. We are warned twice in the Scriptures, 1 Corinthians 5: 6 and Galatians 5: 9, that “a little leaven makes all the bread rise.” The alternate history of the Southern cause has spread throughout the education system, the political system and government policies and the entertainment industry. It is perhaps the most stealthily indoctrinating when rehearsed on the big screen in theaters or on the small screens in our living rooms. The characters, their passions, lofty intentions, and heartbreaking sacrifices weave their way into our affinities: Gone with the Wind, Blue and Gray, and the Time-Warner Classic, “Gettysburg” were all heavily flavored with cuteness. from South.

The incredible effectiveness of this alternate story has moved beyond classrooms to the plazas and rotundas of capitals across America. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, there are approximately 1,741 public symbols of Confederation on both sides of Mason-Dixon. President Eisenhower, as Will’s editorial reveals, hung a portrait of General Robert E. Lee in the Oval Office as one of the Four Greatest Americans. He shared the honor with General Washington, President Lincoln and statesman Benjamin Franklin.

George Will expressing these inconsistencies in American history gives me hope. The revelation of the truths necessary to dismantle the myths that have kept us divided is spoken in the mouths and minds of those of the “big house.”

George Will gave a review of the book by Princeton Civil War historian Allen C. Guelzo. The book “Robert E. Lee: A Life” Will says this is exactly what the nation needs to reassess important historical figures in our hostile and divided environment. Another book, “Robert E. Lee and Me: A Southerner’s Reckoning with the Myth of the Lost Cause” by Ty Seidule, also offers hope and effort to set the record straight. Seidule is a retired United States Army Brigadier General and Professor Emeritus of History at the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Those who understand the times and know what America must do to free the chains that imperial the minds of our people and our leaders. The insight they give will lead to dismantle the mythology that leads us astray. This is what America needs.

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