‘Waterman’ Rajendra Singh explains why India could face climate challenges | India today Conclave 2021



Echoing the same, Bharat Lal said: “Decentralized, demand-driven and community-run – Jal Jeevan is about community-based programs. “


Bharat Lal stressed that the government’s mission in Jal Jeevan is focused on rural areas and even the plans for the mission are approved at the gram sabha level.

“In due course, we are targeting villages and children enlightened by water, sanitation and hygiene … panni samitis, NGOs, civil society are involved in awareness raising,” said Bharat Lal.

“Fifteen paani samitis members are created in each district of each state where women are trained,†Bharat Lal said. He further pointed out that people were also sensitized on the transfer of flood water to reservoirs and other water management techniques.

Over Rs 1.42 lakh crore is donated to gram panchayats to improve water and sanitation, â€said Bharat Lal.

Responding to Bharat Lal on his comments on Jal Jeevan’s mission, Rajendra Singh said people at the rural level should have a role in decision making.

“I want to tell you that you have trained 3,80,000 samitis, but it is on paper. As long as you do not include them in the decision making and infrastructure processes, your goal will not be achieved,” said Rajendra Singh. .

Meanwhile, Bharat Lal said that the work on the Jal Jeevan mission is carried out in an integrated manner.

Rajendra Singh said that understanding the impact of climate change on agriculture is essential for better agricultural production.

“Twenty-eight percent of India’s total water supplies are safe at the moment, but most of them are in the open, which means there is more water discharge than charging. [of reservoirs]. Climate change leads to increased flows … rain patterns change due to climate change, and farmers are unaware of rainfall patterns … It is important to relate crop patterns to rainfall patterns †, said Rajendra Singh.

Meanwhile, Bharat Lal said the emphasis is on raising awareness among people.


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