ZAB considers development of Jonesboro Road north of Heritage Way



Photo shows conceptual front elevation of townhouses off Jonesboro Road north of Heritage Way (Photo by Dan Ryan Builders)

The Henry County Zoning Advisory Board considered a request to rezone Jonesboro Road on Thursday, September 30. The seventy-two acre property is located north of Heritage Way.

The applicant, The Reservoir Group, LLC of Madison, GA, is applying for rezoning from RA (residential farming) to MU (mixed use). In addition, they asked for a modification of the future land use map. Currently, FLUM is supporting low density residential development at the site. The applicant is requesting a change to mixed use.

Conceptual site map (photo Moore Bass Consulting)

Jonesboro Road north of Heritage Way

Groupe Reservoir proposes to build the following: fifty-five (55) detached single-family homes and eighty (80) townhouses. There are a total of 135 lots. In addition, they are preserving five (5) one-acre commercial plots. There are no immediate plans for the commercial space.

Single-family homes have a minimum area of ​​10,890 square feet. It measures a quarter of an acre. The size of the homes would start at 2,300 square feet. Townhouses vary between 1,900 and 2,300 square feet.

Projected prices start between $ 300,000 and $ 300,000 for single family homes and $ 300,000 for townhouses.

The development would provide secure access to residents. Other planned facilities include an outdoor pavilion, an outdoor fireplace and pétanque courts. A central roundabout provides access to the residences.

Road access is along Jonesboro Road. The road frontage of the property has right to right access only. A second entry would be next to James Madison Court. The requester agreed to make the second entry for emergency access only. This will prevent residents from circulating in the adjacent Monticello subdivision.

Planning staff recommended approval of the rezoning request as well as the future modification of the land use map. They cited a recent zoning approval off Foster Drive as a precedent for mixed-use zoning. The Zoning Advisory Board supported the staff’s position when making its recommendations. The Council of Commissioners will hear the applications at a later date to make a final decision.

The featured image shows the concept’s front elevation for townhouses off Jonesboro Road. Photo credit Dan Ryan Manufacturers.

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