Zone memories: Fireworks prohibited on the Upper Mississippi refuge



Fireworks disturb wildlife with their light explosions and noise, and the waste they create can be hazardous to wildlife and fish. For example, sudden lights and sounds are often perceived as a threat by nesting bald eagles and easily scare away great blue herons and other colonial nesting birds.

The shock of fireworks can scare off wildlife, end up in unexpected areas or roads, fly into buildings and other obstacles, and even abandon nests, leaving young vulnerable to predators. Litter from firecrackers, bottled rockets and other explosives can present a choking hazard to wildlife and can be toxic if swallowed.

The refuge, which stretches from Wabasha to Rock Island, Illinois, includes the coastline, waterways, and most of the islands in this area. For a map of the refuge, visit

Winona County Fair honors 5 new Hall of Fame

WINONA – Five people will be inducted into the Winona County Fair Hall of Fame this year. Each of the winners will receive a day of the fair in their honor.

July 7th will be Don Andring Day. Andring, from St. Charles, was the electrician at the fair for many years. Andring Day will be followed by days in honor of Verna Gerdes of Dakota, involved in the fair since 1954; Arnold “Dale†Moger of Altura, founding member of the Lions club of Altura and winner of the Winona County Soil and Water Farm Family Award in 1992; Bernard McNab of St. Charles, who was a finalist for the Minnesota Teacher of the Year award, and has been active in civic and government roles; and Marjorie Stock Day of St. Charles, a longtime 4-H and fair leader.

2021 Winona County Fair Hall of Fame inductees form left, top row;  Bernard McNab, Arnold Moger, Verna Gerdes, bottom row;  Marjorie Stock, Don Andring.  (Photos provided)

2021 Winona County Fair Hall of Fame inductees form left, top row; Bernard McNab, Arnold Moger, Verna Gerdes, bottom row; Marjorie Stock, Don Andring. (Photos provided)

Each of those people exemplify the best of Winona County – whether volunteering in their communities, serving the fair, representing agriculture or being an integral part of the business community, according to a statement. of the board of directors of the fair.

Rural Heritage Museum to open during Winona County Fair

WINONA – The Winona County Historical Society Rural Heritage Museum will be open during the Winona County Fair.

The Winona County Fairground Museum in St. Charles includes an exhibit building, the historic Gainey-McCarthy School, the Sisters Hill log house, and an old log barn. The museum focuses on the pioneer and agricultural heritage of Winona County.

Jill Veerkamp of the St. Charles Public Library will read Minnesota and Farm Stories several times a day. And tickets will be sold for a quilt raffle, the draw of which will take place on December 6.

The museum will be open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. during the fair, from July 8 to 11. For more information, visit

Riverboat Days lands in Wabasha at the end of July

WABASHA – Riverboat Days return to Wabasha on July 30 and 31.

The two-day event features food vendors, beanbag tournaments, kids’ activities, local vendors, a cranky fishing tournament and more. The Little Wing Band will be performing at Meet Me Under the Bridge starting at 7 p.m. on July 31. Meanwhile, the Bear Creek Band will perform at Heritage Park at 8 p.m. on July 31. Other highlights of the festival include the Fireman’s Water Fight and a 5K run, 2.5K walk on July 31st.

For more information, visit


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